Meet Josh

Josh Williams is an incredible example of the power of persistence, hope, and determination. He went from a homeless high school dropout to an attorney, but there were a lot of challenges and obstacles along the way.

After dropping out of high school, he went to work to support his young son. He was hurt on the job after falling 30 feet and was disabled for six years because of a serious back injury. Josh credited a change in his mindset as motivation to overcome his injury. He dedicated to stop looking at himself as a victim of his circumstances. Josh says his mindset went from "Why Me?" to "Why Not Me?"

After getting his GED, Josh started college at the age of 30. By the time he was 35, he was graduating from law school. Josh is a shining example of hard work and determination paying off. Josh's journey from high school drop out to attorney at law has shaped his view of society and has inspired him to overcome any challenge he faces.

After graduating from the University of Toledo College of Law with his juris doctorate (J.D.) Josh decided to give back and help shape our youth by teaching at Adrian College. He currently teaches constitutional law, criminal law, and criminal procedure in the undergraduate criminal justice programs.

Instead of sitting on the sideline and enjoying his new career, Josh has declared his candidacy for the Ohio House of Representatives. He intends to use his amazing journey to help push others to overcome any obstacles they are facing.